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Hey Curt here,

If you are trying to find the best way to sell your junk car then I’m really glad you found my site and I recommend you keep reading to discover how I decided to scrap my car.  This is my complete story on the pros and cons, and the do’s and don’ts of how to get money for junk cars.

scrap my carFirst of all I wanted it to be quick and easy.  I didn’t want to waste my time dealing with some random guy who buys junk cars for cash.  I didn’t want to deal with a middle man who would make me some ridiculously low offer so he could turn around and sell it to the scrap yard and make all the profit.  And I didn’t want to try and deal with the scrap yard myself, paying to tow it down there and hoping they give me a decent price.  But I was sick and tired of looking at this thing sitting in my driveway leaking oil and taking up valuable space.  My neighbors were starting to give me funny looks and my landlord told me it had to go.

So I started to make some calls and look on the internet.  Wow it seemed like there was a lot of options.  But it turned out it was not as easy as it seemed.  The first guy I talked to, I told him I wanted to scrap my car because it didn’t run.  He said they would send out a truck and the guy would give me an appraisal on the spot, but that they would have to deduct the cost of the tow from the offer.  Well even I know towing is expensive and this just didn’t seem like a good way to go.  I could end up owing them money.  So I kept looking.

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The second guy I talked to seemed nice enough and offered to come out and give me an appraisal with no obligation.  But then he told me that I would have to handle all of the DMV legal paperwork.  Like I said, I wanted this to be quick and easy and didn’t want to be bothered with dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles.  So I moved on.

I talked to a couple of more guys on the phone.  They both said they did not cover my city and that I would need to find someone else.  I knew eventually I would find someone who could help me and that I could trust.  But this was starting to become harder that I had expected.  It seemed like there were a lot of small timers in this business.

I kept pressing on, looking for a reputable company that would make it simple.  It seemed like a lot of these guys who advertise in the yellow pages and online that they give money for junk cars, are just small towing companies looking to make an extra buck.

I was just about to give up when I came across an outfit that looked promising.  They had a professional website, were clear and precise on the phone, and they gave me clear details on exactly what to expect in order to scrap my car. Well I decided to give them a shot and I could not believe how well it went.  It did take a little longer than I expected but I actually received more for my car than I thought I would.  And they took care of everything.  And I later discovered that you can do almost everything on their website if you don’t feel like talking to them on the phone.  Anyways, if you are looking for someone solid who gives money for junk cars you should check them out.  Just Click Here to Visit Their Website.

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Quick Money For Junk Cars

So you say I want to scrap my car quickly.  Well, when trying to find someone who buys junk cars don’t just trust anyone who promises to give quick money for junk cars.  There are a lot of scams and tricksters out there that you need to beware of.  Especially common with the small tow truck companies is the high bid on the phone and then a back pedal on the price when they show up.

They will try and tell you the car is not as you described or that it’s missing some certain part.  Don’t fall for it.  If you are dealing with a larger business it is not so common, but be on the lookout for the possibility.  Don’t worry there are plenty of guys who buy scrap cars for cash.  Just be aware that scrap car prices can vary a lot from buyer to buyer.

Also common with a lot of the smaller tow outfits is to wait until they show up to tell you they have to deduct the cost of the tow from the bid price.  Again, they are just trying to see what they can get away with.  Another reason I found why it’s easier to deal with a larger more reputable company.  They don’t play games, and a lot of times you can get a decent offer right on their website.

Sell Your Car Instantly

You need to remember that any guy on the street can post an ad that says he pays money for junk cars.  But that doesn’t mean that he is going to give you a fair offer, or not try to take advantage of you.  Just stay alert and be prepared to move on to the next guy if you are having problems dealing with someone or feel he is not giving you enough money.

In my next post I will reveal my full story on what I went through to scrap my car how I finally discovered a nationwide reputable company who pays good money for junk cars in both the USA and Canada.

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I Want to Junk My Scrap Car

Many a times you would have thought, “why not junk my car?” Situations could have happened where your car no longer becomes an asset, but instead a liability. Say for instance, because of an accident your car gets severely damaged and cannot be worked on again. Or, it might cost more to fix it up than buying a new one, the parts are worn out, or it has been idle for too long such that it does not run anymore, and so on. If “junk my car” is the idea running in your mind, simply go ahead and find a suitable option to get cash for your junk cars.

Once, you have decided to scrap your car, do not take the pains to hold it for long in your garage or driveway. The ideal way would be to seek a junk car removal company and sell your car instead of trying to make it run again. There are many companies who are on the lookout to buy junk cars for decent cash so that you are free of the hassle to take care of it. However, the idea to “scrap my car” is never going to be as easy as imagined. There are a few things that need to be taken care of before you ever plunge into the act of selling your car.

      • Make sure that you search for well established buyers in the locality or try searching online for those buyers who offer you the best rates.
      • Identify potential / popular buyers in the market and approach them explaining the situation of your car and identify its worth.
      • Before you approach a junk car removal company, ensure that they operate hassle-free. Your car should be picked up without commotions on either end.
      • Find out the benefits offered by the car removal company. It is always good to approach a buyer who operates in most areas of the city / state rather than a solitary removal company.
      • It is always better to opt for cash rather than other modes of payment for junk cars.

Despite the above suggestions, it is up to your discretion to ensure that you obtain the maximum benefit in selling your car. To obtain a better and clear picture about selling your car to the junk my car dealers, interact with personnel who work in such junk removal companies. They might be able to project a much clearer idea about what scraping off your car is all about and how they operate.

scrap my carAlso, check out if the car removal company operates only for a certain model of cars or on cars of all types. If they only specialize in certain models then do not opt for such companies because you could end up getting paid less than what your car could be worth. The better idea would be to choose companies that offer free towing of junk cars apart from other services per the requirements of the client.

A wide range of companies are available on the Internet who buy junk cars and can be contacted for junk car disposal. Just be careful who you pick, and do your research in order to get the most cash for junk cars.

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Scrap My Car Fast

When I finally got around to deciding I wanted to scrap my car. I wanted to get it done fast.  I knew there were a lot of companies that paid cash for junk cars but I wasn’t sure where to start.  I knew there was towing that had to be taken care of and legal paperwork that had to be completed.  I just wanted everything to be fast and as effortless as possible.

When I started to contact some of the outfits that buy scrap cars for cash I quickly found out how many different kinds of buyers there were.  And how different they seemed to be.  So with a lot of trial and error I slowly made progress.  In my next few posts I will outline what it took to actually scrap my car, and what obstacles you should avoid.

To sell my junk car would be a longer journey than I initially thought.  Be sure to read my next couple of posts to find out which type of junk car buyers to avoid, and who was the easiest and most professional to deal with.  My story might just surprise you.

I was pretty sure I could sell my junk car for a decent price.  I just had to find the right buyer.  But finding the right buyer was a bigger challenge than I had planned on.  That’s why I decided to create this blog, so other folks can have the benefit of my experience.

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Who am I?

scrap my car

Hi, my name is Curt and I created this site to tell my story of the journey I went through to scrap my car. I hope some of my tips and suggestions will make your experience a little less stressful. Take Care.

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