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So you say I want to scrap my car quickly.  Well, when trying to find someone who buys junk cars don’t just trust anyone who promises to give quick money for junk cars.  There are a lot of scams and tricksters out there that you need to beware of.  Especially common with the small tow truck companies is the high bid on the phone and then a back pedal on the price when they show up.

They will try and tell you the car is not as you described or that it’s missing some certain part.  Don’t fall for it.  If you are dealing with a larger business it is not so common, but be on the lookout for the possibility.  Don’t worry there are plenty of guys who buy scrap cars for cash.  Just be aware that scrap car prices can vary a lot from buyer to buyer.

Also common with a lot of the smaller tow outfits is to wait until they show up to tell you they have to deduct the cost of the tow from the bid price.  Again, they are just trying to see what they can get away with.  Another reason I found why it’s easier to deal with a larger more reputable company.  They don’t play games, and a lot of times you can get a decent offer right on their website.

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You need to remember that any guy on the street can post an ad that says he pays money for junk cars.  But that doesn’t mean that he is going to give you a fair offer, or not try to take advantage of you.  Just stay alert and be prepared to move on to the next guy if you are having problems dealing with someone or feel he is not giving you enough money.

In my next post I will reveal my full story on what I went through to scrap my car how I finally discovered a nationwide reputable company who pays good money for junk cars in both the USA and Canada.

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Hi, my name is Curt and I created this site to tell my story of the journey I went through to scrap my car. I hope some of my tips and suggestions will make your experience a little less stressful. Take Care.

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