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First thing you need to understand is who buys junk cars.  Here is what I discovered when I tried to scrap my car.  There are several different types of buyers.  There is the small independent guy who is really just a middleman who buys your car and then just turns around and flips it to a junk yard.  Then there is the small tow company who basically does the same thing as a part time supplement to their tow business.  These first two groups of buyers are the ones you need to be the most careful with.  You not only need someone who is professional and honest to deal with on the price.  You also need someone you can trust to handle the legal paperwork to make sure the vehicle gets transferred out of your name with your states department of motor vehicles.

Different states have different laws and procedures related to the transfer of cars and trucks.  And depending on the condition of your car it may not even be junked or scraped.  It might actually be fixed and sold to a retail customer.  Again that means the proper paperwork and registration fees need to be taken care of.  Just another reason to only deal with someone you can trust.

Fortunately they are not the only ones who buys junk cars.  You also have the local junk yards and scrap yards themselves.  But many of them are not set up to deal very well with this type of situation.  They often request you tow the car to their facility before they can even give you a bid on your car.  So you could be obligated to a big tow fee, and then get a lowball offer on your car.  When I wanted to scrap my car, I thought this was a little too risky.

The last type of buyer who buys junk cars is the large nationwide companies who deal with hundreds of cars and customers every day.  They handle more volume so they have stream lined the entire process to make it easy.  And they also have a reputation to protect so they most often go overboard to make you happy.  If you are searching for someone who buys junk cars for money this is the type of buyer that I recommend.

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